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Fiance and I met online!

I had just gotten out of a two year relationship that I thought might have been headed towards marriage. I set up an SinDates profile and went on a couple dates with guys from this site. None of them were bad guys, I just didn’t feel like the relationship would go anywhere and I was looking for something serious.

One day while bored at home, I created a new SinDates profile name, and copy and pasted my information from my old profile. The first guy who popped up was Fiance. I wrote him a pretty lenghty message about what I liked about his profile and hit send. Within 5 minutes, I had a response back from him. I was pretty miffed, because I had spent so much time messaging him, and he had messaged back so quickly and it was going to be like one line right? False. He had been writing me at the same time, multiple big paragraphs. Squee. We chatted a week before meeting in person.

Our first date, I sat on my phone in the subway station, not wanting to be early. He got to the bar early and went in to have a beer. I came out of the subway 10 minutes before our meet-up time and waited in front of the bar. I texted him ‘here!’ and waited. The bar, unbeknowest to me, had weird rules about no cellphones, no tvs, no standing around, which turned out to be awesome but caused Fiance to seldomly check his phone. I waited for 20 minutes and was very close to leaving, when he texted me — ‘hey, I’m inside’. So, you know what happened next 😛
Happy Emma J.

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